The Who Tops ‘Billboard Classical Albums’ Chart

The Who are sitting at Number One on the Billboard charts — the Billboard Classical charts, that is. The band's latest concert collection, The Who With Orchestra Live At Wembley, has entered Billboard Classical Album Chart at Number One. Amazingly, the album marks the band's sole chart-topper in America on the Billboard charts.

Back in 2019, Roger Daltrey's The Who's Tommy Orchestral beat the Who to the top spot when it also peaked at Number One on the Billboard Classical Album Chart.

During his recent Q&A on the "Rock Legends Cruise 6," Roger Daltrey explained how he insisted on having the orchestral arrangements play an integral part of the concerts: ["Well, Pete's music suits an orchestra much more — I mean, I've seen many rock bands with orchestras, but mostly the orchestras are playing something that could be played on a synthesizer. I don't want an orchestra to do that. I want an orchestra to be dynamic, I want them to be melodic, I want them to be surprising — I want them to really push the music to a different level."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . a different level)